About Lisa

Lisa graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1992 and with the help of a grant from the Crafts Council she set up her design studio in London. Concentrating on producing embroidered accessories for interiors, each unique piece is handmade; although a design may be replicated no two pieces are ever exactly the same.

Lisa has exhibited her work through Crafts Councils exhibitions and trade fairs in London and New York as well as many small galleries. Her collections have sold in beautiful stores in this country and internationally.

Lisa has also worked directly with a number of clients producing embroidered collections for handbags, bed linens, toys, luxury dog accessories and illustration. She has also worked with interior designers and private clients to produce bespoke collections.

Recently Lisa has designed a new collection of her embroidered accessories. This includes new ideas, translating her work onto a larger scale producing embroidered panels and onto upholstered furniture.

Lisa has exhibited her work for several years at Contemporary Applied Art where she has cemented her reputation as a unique textile artist.